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Bit more about me

Archana Jossy – that’s my name, and I was born on the 7th of November 1989 to Lathika Kumari my mother and Jossy Ray my father in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of God’s own country, Kerala in India. My grandma lived with us, and she had the pleasure of taking me to Kindergarten school daily. I grew up and later attended the Nirmala Bhavan English Higher Secondary School and remained there for twelve years and I passed out from the twelfth in 2007. As I look back at my childhood I really appreciate what my parents have done for me and all the struggles we lived through, for it has made me the person I am today. I always looked toward my future with excitement.

After that I decided to get my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in the field of Information Technology because I knew I wanted to be a Software Engineer. I joined the James College of Engineering and Technology under the prestigious Anna University for my Engineering – a college tucked within picturesque hills and lush green paddy fields in a place called Navalkadu near Nagercoil in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. And after 17 years, I left my loving parents to be at graduation for four years and to become an Engineer. And these years, I matured quite a bit and built up my self-confidence and independence.

Everyone has many strength, talents, and gifts. Mine are sports and being active. I have heard my parents say that I had, as a very young girl, a strong taste for music; but what I thought about I know not. Yes, I had a strong taste for music, and would sit for any number of hours watching and enjoying music.

I’m very musical especially in piano and the violin. In between, in 2003, I fell in love with music passionately and sincerely. It’s like, my world revolves around music, and I’ve been singing English classical songs ever since and that too in the alto.

I got through working as a Software Engineer in Aaric Technologies Ltd as a Software Engineer for one year, and then joined the Alamy Images at Technopark,Thiruvananthapuram as a Web Designer, the passion which I had nurtured in my heart for long. Change is inevitable in life. After completing a great 3 year of service I moved on to Allianz Cornhill Information Services as a Senior Software Engineer – Digital Design – AD&M UK Process where I am trying to steer my passion to another level.

Every day is a new day with me, a fresh start with every rising sun. I live each day step by step as if it’s my last. I believe God gives me the strength to make it through.

If I only had one word to describe myself I would say that I am plain-spoken. But in more words, I am a very practical, realistic, and a matter-of-fact person. When it comes to making decisions I like to look at things logically. I value tradition and loyalty. I know there is still so much more for me to do as an individual, and I look forward to the opportunities that are ahead. The opportunities to keep my parents proud and the opportunities to enhance the quality of my life and the lives of those close to me are boundless.

I can confidently say that I am ready for my future. But I am looking for a good opportunity in which I can make a contribution to the welfare of the company which I am working for. Along with this experience, I hope to develop myself tokeep pace with the changes of the era in my profession.


Some of my works

Showing a series of snapshots taken from both client and personal work.

My Art of Seeing

I see he copies.

Once photography enters your bloodstream, it is like a disease. Photography is the art of frozen time... the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame.

My Art of Seeing

I see he copies.

Light is good from whatever lamp it shines.
The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.
Technically a glass is always full
Source of life and a free gift from the Creator
You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.
Separate on the surface but connected in the deep.
Do not disturb
Do the dew
The cross
No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood.
The weaker you are the louder you bark.
Good Samaritan
Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.
Bread of life
Body of Christ
In the cross is life
Rain makes everything beautiful.
The energy isn't in the idea, it's in the execution
We all grow in defferent directions yet our root remains the same
When you feel sad, Dance
Eyes like a shutter, Mind like a lens
I walk I look I see
Shadow follows you wherever you go.
Fly high
Keep calm and buy shoes
In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled.
Stand out in the crowd.
Villa Maya
Play every game as if it is your last one
Do or die
Never stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.
Play with your heart
Sport is a preserver of health
Good players inspire themselves, Great players inspire others
Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life
Precious moments
Nothing can be beautiful from every point of view.
Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.
Light Beam
Precious moments
Precious moments
Precious moments
Precious moments
When words fail music speaks
Music can change the world because it can change people.
Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.
Lean on the wall
Plant trees to benefit another generation.
Watch carefully
Beat it
Go light the world
Soar high
Nature binds
Once upon a time
Fall like a 'fall'
Silent water
In the woods
Bloom every now and then
Meddling in the middle
Christ's one foundation
Stone age.
Stone age.
Far away.
Top of the world
An Elephant
Gone with the wind
Stone age
Stone age
Little Santa
Sleep like a baby


Following my bliss...

Journeys and destinations... Sharing the spirit of travel.

Athirapalli Waterfalls

The beautiful Athirapally water falls is located on the way from Valparai to Chalakkudi, Kerala.

  • Athirapalli

  • Athirapalli

  • Athirapalli falls

Where to find me

Drop a line. Follow me.

I'm currently working with Allianz Cornhill Information Services as a Senior Software Engineer – Digital Design – AD&M UK Process. Hope you enjoyed my portfolio.


Where to find me

Drop a line. Follow me.

3rd Floor, Thejaswini Building Technopark Campus
PIN - 695 581

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Just drop an email to archanajossy@yahoo.com

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